Welcome Message

From the Chairman of the St. Gabriel's Foundation


Mr. Lim Boon Heng
Chairman, St. Gabriel's Foundation

Our Founder, St Louis Marie de Montfort, set up schools so that children from disadvantaged families can have a good education.  Today we continue this mission by accepting children from all strata of society.  We strive to provide an inclusive environment that provides each child the opportunity to achieve the best that he or she can.

Many Brothers taught us when I was in school. They set the tone for the kind of education we received, a tone that lay teachers imbibed. Education was not just about getting good grades to get better jobs, so that we live better when we grow up; it was also about what kind of persons we turn out to be.  The Brothers and our lay teachers taught us to help our fellow students.  There is a leader in each of us.

As an example, Montfort School was a pioneer in school brass bands.  The brass band excelled, not just because of the band masters, but because band members, who had graduated from school, returned to help supplement the teaching by the band masters.  Likewise, others returned to help the scout movement in the school.

We were taught values – the values that Jesus taught over 2,000 years ago.  Some teachings left a deeper impression on me, such as how we should value a person.  It is not how much a person has, but how much the person has given relative to what he has.  From those who have more, more is expected.

There is a leader in each of our students. What kind of leaders are we nurturing? We aim to nurture serving leaders. There is no greater example than Christ himself, who washed his disciple’s feet. If we are to be first, we must be last.

There are few Brothers today, and hardly any teach in our schools. However, we will continue the mission and vision of St Louis Marie de Montfort to nurture values-driven young men and women who make this a better world for all.